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Tipton Pleasure Saddle

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When you fall out of your Wade or A-Fork, buy a Tipton Saddle with security, double rawhide tree, strong enough for heavy roping. Makes an excellent pleasure, ranch, colt breaking, or team penning saddle. Has inlaid padded seat, comes in square or round skirt. Sits down close to your horse. Custom seats to fit you and the widest or most narrow horse, mule, or rider. Sure-Grip Saddletrees. New patented 3-way rigging. 13" to 17 1/2" seats with 15" fork, 1 1/2" undercut, and 4" cantle.

A very good ranch saddle
Free swinging stirrups, rig in skirt; bulkless rig, 14.5" to 16.5" seat, 13" fork, 4.5" cantle. New 2-rope basket and floral design. This saddle makes a top-notch calf roping saddle. Available with any kind of stamping.
This Saddle available with 4" cap horn with lip all the way around or 2 3/4" horn regular; Mule horn-wrap on both. Horn has a large base (red mark in picture); A grove rope groove. 3-way D-Rings on all saddles.

Horn with 4" lip all the way around with big neck. (Available on any saddle)

Our signature Ralph Shimon Maker Plate included on every Ralph Shimon Saddle.

Tipton with Square Skirt, partially hand carved

Ralph Shimon's 32 lb Tipton Center-ride Seat

Tipton with 4" Horn Cap lip all the way around.

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All Ralph Shimon saddles are strong enough for heavy roping.

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